Brisbane’s Riverwalk

Brisbane River - Floating Walkway

Brisbane’s Riverwalk runs for around 20 kms along the Brisbane River. The most well-known section of the route is the floating walkway which begins near the Story Bridge. It takes walkers and cyclists over the Brisbane River, then deposits them back on land near Merthyr Road in New Farm. Sadly, some of this section of Brisbane’s Riverwalk was washed away during the floods of January 2011.

It was a unique experience walking or cycling along the walkway as it moved up and down with the water, especially when a CityCat ferry went past.

I remember listening to a battery operated radio (we had no electricity during the flood), in the wee small hours, to local ABC radio, as a long chunk of the walkway broke free and headed down the river. Listeners were phoning or tweeting in as they saw it pass by. The Gateway Bridge was closed in case the walkway hit it.

The floating walkway was saved from total destruction due to the brave efforts of tugboat pilots who guided a 300 metre section of the walkway along the river, under the Gateway Bridge and further down river where it was secured. Have a look at the Brisbane Times’ coverage including before and after photos.

This much-loved Brisbane icon will be re-constructed by mid-2014 with two-thirds of the funding coming from the Federal Government’s National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements. I’ve written an update on what the new Riverwalk will look like.

Brisbane River - Riverwalk

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